I’m Antonio Pitasi. I live in Pisa, where I craft software I love.

While I always had a passion for computers my path towards software engineering was not so clear to me (depending on who you ask some people were 100% sure I was the tech guy). Originally I even thought of enrolling in the Physics class, but I am glad I eventually came to my senses and got a Computer Science degree instead.

Other than that, there were a time when I got really passionate about photography and web design. I even designed some t-shirts (or at least tried to). Some of my photos are still online at my Flickr page.

After graduating I had lots of fun working on a variety of projects, ranging from IoT devices to cloud SaaS. I eventually settled in backend development, as I like scaling architectures to handle the load of millions of users. I still keep my frontend skills sharp with some side projects though, like this website, that I built using Astro.js.

Beside work, I organize events with pisa.dev, a community I started after the pandemic hit and left people wanting to connect in presence again (meeting remotely is great, talking shit about javascript in front of a beer is much better).